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Miroslava Duma: Why the Online Fashion Mob Is Hypocritical

miroslava-duma-sergeenko-racism-scandal-02 Sergeenko was paraphrasing the title of Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s absolute banger of a track, “Niggas in Paris.” The N-bomb is quite obviously a horrifically racist term, but her use of it in this particular instance appears to be founded in ignorance and stupidity rather than the propagation of racism. While it’s obviously not acceptable for white people to drop the N-bomb, there is a long-running debate  about whether it’s okay for us to do so when rapping along to “Niggas in Paris.” Sergeenko’s note falls somewhere in between the two. Does this transgression justify the hounding that she and Duma have received from the online social media mob? It’s not a question I’ve given much thought to, mainly because I’ve been distracted by the hypocrisy of it all. Now let’s engage in some real talk: isn’t it a bit contradictory that the fashion-conscious masses feel compelled to reach for the proverbial pitchforks and mount their rhetorical high horses when they see a white person paraphrase a song title containing a racist term, while continuing to celebrate an industry that propagates class-based bigotry and relies on racial exploitation to thrive? On the same day that the Ruskies in Paris scandal broke, it was reported that Balenciaga had decided to shift production of its Triple S sneaker from Italy to China. The move certainly wasn’t motivated by a desire for cultural exchange; it was driven by the opportunity to drive down production costs. The reason why Chinese workers are paid less than Italian ones has a lot to do with China’s draconian labor laws. But it’s also a lingering byproduct of the colonial era , when European powers exerted their dominance over the rest of the world, using their superior military and industrial might to exploit non-white nations.

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