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Image caption Katie Price’s son Harvey accompanied her to Parliament Her mother, Amy Price, suggested “the law is out of date – it’s got to be policed more”. Katie “has always been in the limelight” and she has “got used to it,” she added, but the abuse of Harvey “does upset you and you do feel emotional – it’s hard”. In response to the suggestion that she invited the insults by posting pictures of her son, Katie Price said “I’m proud of Harvey” and it was important for disabled children to have visibility. Image caption Katie Price and her mother Amy wore rosettes marking the 100th anniversary of the law that first allowed some women to vote Image caption MPs put questions to witnesses at committee hearings She said the criminalisation of online abuse shouldn’t just be restricted to the targeting of disabled people. “I know I’m here because it started off because Harvey and his disabilities but this isn’t just for people with disabilities as well, it will help everybody.” She added: “Like me or hate me, I’m here to protect others.” She said it was important to protect freedom of speech and there needed to be a discussion about how bad abuse could get before it was considered criminal. She also argued for a register of people found guilty of online abuse, saying: “If they are big enough to go behind their computers and say these things then I want them named and shamed.” After 40 minutes facing MPs’ questions, she said: “I know you lot sitting there agree with me, really. “We know we all agree but we just have to get the government to do it.” If nothing happened, she joked, she would be “like Arnold Schwarzenegger – I’ll be back.” The Petitions Committee is looking at the impact of online abuse – particularly on people with disabilities – responsibility for protection, whether technology companies are doing enough. It is also examining whether the law needs to be changed, how to define online abuse and what support is given to victims. The government’s minister for women, Victoria Atkins, said she had become disillusioned with social media. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe minister for women on quitting Twitter because of death threats. “I’ve come off Twitter because I was so fed up of it.

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