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50+ Secret Things to Do in Italy

Slightly down the road from the market in Piazza Ciompi is the tiny workshop of Fabio Figus and his father Maurizio, who make artisanal knives and olive wood kitchen accessories like boards, platters, and utensils. My favorite knife at home, with a mahogany handle and hand-hammered stainless steel blade, is one of his.” —Emiko Davies “The Vintage Fair in Parma, which they hold every October, can be full of rip-offs—but if you know what you’re doing, it’s great. Dealers from London go here to buy vintage Italian ’60s Gio Ponti, Achille Castiglioni, etc. and sell for three times as much back home.” —Emma O’Kelly, Wallpaper magazine editor-at-large “La Reggia Caserta, outside Naples, is an outlet where dozens of Italian designers (Prada, D&G, Moschino) offer crazy discounts. My pal Crescenzo Gargano (owner of the Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi ) sends many guests there en route back from Amalfi to Naples. He and I went once and scored $4,000 Isaia suits for $400.” —Peter Jon Lindberg, writer and travel consultant “In Montalcino, a small town dotted with enoteche along medieval streets, visit Sartoria Principe , an artisan textile shop whose selection ranges from Tuscan classics like the famous Busatti fabrics to some of the finest Italian clothes from silk and cashmere, to merino wool and Alpaca sourced on the nearby Mount Amiata.” —Lamberto Frescobaldi “I love modernariato—vintage furniture. In Milan my favorite places are Mercatino Penelope and Roberta e Basta.” —Sara Battaglia, stylist “At the antique market in Arezzo you can find a lot of beautiful old stuff!” —Luisa Beccaria, designer “Campisi Conserve in Marzamemi in southeastern Sicily is a gourmet shop specializing in Mediterranean fish—tuna, anchovies, and anchovy sauce—and Pachino tomatoes preserves. Marzamemi is an ancient fishing village founded by the Arabs and famous for its tonnara (tuna processing plant) where time truly seems to have stopped. It is definitely worth visiting!” —Marco Muggiano, marketing director of Slowear “In Florence, I like to shop at Principe , a true gentlemen’s destination for casual and classic clothing. They have a made-to-measure section where I like to get my warm suede trousers made to perfectly fit me for cold winter days.” —Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, creative director of L. G.

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