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Ballot papers being counted Further details are on the Electoral Commission website . Convicted prisoners, anybody found guilty of election corruption within the past five years and anyone subject to any legal incapacity to vote. If you are registered to vote you should have received a polling card telling you where you should go to cast your vote. You do not have to take the card with you when you go to vote. No form of identity is required. If your polling card hasn’t arrived, contact the electoral services department at your local council. No. However, the government is trialling photo ID at a small number of polling stations. Voters in Bromley, Gosport, Swindon, Watford and Woking will be asked to provide ID. Woking is the only areas where photo ID, such as a driving licence or bus pass, will be the only form of ID that will be accepted. If you don’t have a photo ID card you can apply for a local elector card, which requires a online shopping sites list passport-sized photo signed by someone else, confirming your identity.

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