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Pitbull seized in raid It will examine whether the public is being properly protected and look at animal welfare concerns. The RSPCA says the law is “ineffective and unjust” and needs replacing. The 1991 act also makes it an offence for an owner to allow any dog “to be dangerously out of control”. The legislation was aimed at reducing dog attacks, but figures from 2015 suggested hospital admissions related to them had risen 76% from the same period 10 years previously. And the committee pointed to RSPCA figures suggesting that of the 30 people killed by dogs between 1991 and 2016, 21 had been attacked by dogs that were not banned. The charity has since updated this figure to 37 deaths, of which 28 involved non-banned breeds. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee will investigate: whether the law is preventing dog attacks what lessons can be learned from other countries Neil Parish, who chairs the committee, said: “Four types of dog were banned in the UK in 1991, but since then 70% of dog-related deaths have been caused by those not prohibited by legislation. “There is evidence to suggest that we should account for the temperament of the dog when assessing its danger to society. “There is also the view that some banned dog breeds can be suitable pets in certain circumstances.

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