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DUP MP Ian Paisley called it a “Leveson for Northern Ireland” and the nine DUP MPs who voted backed the government. Northern Ireland was not covered by the original Leveson inquiry in 2012. Hacked Off, which has been campaigning for statutory regulation of the press since the phone-hacking scandal, insisted the vote “was not the end” and the “fight goes on in Parliament and the courts”. But the News Media Association, which represents local and national newspapers, said the freedom of the press had won the day in the face of “dangerous anti-media” online shopping websites for clothes proposals. Mr Miliband moved the amendment to the Data Protection Bill, which was backed by the SNP, and would have meant a new inquiry into press standards. Five Conservative rebels voted with Labour – Crispin Blunt, Peter Bone, Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve and Philip Hollobone – and one Labour MP, John Grogan, voted with the government. But the votes of nine DUP MPs were crucial for the government. Mr Miliband told ministers that their decision to axe Leveson had been “contemptible” and it was a “matter of honour about the promises we made” to the victims of phone hacking, saying the then Prime Minister David Cameron had pledged in 2012 to launch the second part of the inquiry. A second amendment to the Data Protection Bill which would have required publishers not signed up to a state-approved regulator to pay their own and their opponent’s legal costs in relation to alleged data breaches was dropped online shopping clothes after the SNP withdrew its support.

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Two delegates talk at the Bonn conference UN climate stalemate sees extra week of talks added By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, Bonn These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption The UN talks have become increasingly bogged down in process UN negotiations in Bonn are set to end in stalemate today as delegates have become bogged down in technical arguments about the Paris climate pact. Poorer nations say they are fed up with foot dragging by richer countries on finance and carbon cutting commitments. Some countries, led by China are now seeking to renegotiate key aspects of the Paris agreement. An extra week of talks in September has been scheduled to try and get the process back on track. The signing of the Paris climate agreement in 2015 was seen as a momentous achievement, but in retrospect doing the deal might have been the easy part. In the intervening two and a half years, UN delegates have become increasingly stuck as they work through a welter of technical and accounting rules that will make the Paris pact operational in 2020. Poorer countries have become frustrated by what they see as the cavalier attitude of the rich to the urgency of the problem of rising seas and devastating floods and storms. “The developed world has to lead,” Amjad Abdulla, the lead negotiator for the Maldives told BBC News. “We have a huge void – the action (by rich countries) on cutting carbon before 2020 we haven’t really fulfilled that – and we are already embarking on rules for post 2020, that’s unfair.” Climate finance is almost always the root of some of the biggest arguments in this process.

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