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Online Fashion Site Counts on Body-Scanning Tech to Rival Gap

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is ready to take on Uniqlo and the Gap, and his plan begins with a funny-looking spandex suit he says will revolutionize online clothes shopping. Start Today Co. , which operates the popular fashion site Zozotown, announced it will begin distributing a body-tight suit it says can accurately measure every person’s proportions. Customers don the suit, scan themselves with their smartphones, and generate 3D models of their bodies. The Tokyo-based company will then offer clothes to fit those measurements. Dubbed Zozosuit, it’s Maezawa’s big bet on growing his 20-year old company into one of the world’s fashion giants. The idea is that providing clothes that take the guesswork out of sizing will not only win over those who already shop online, but also attract customers who are put off by the hassles of shopping. Maezawa on Friday laid out a 10-year timeline that will see his company’s market value rise more than fivefold to 5 trillion yen ($46 billion). “Without trying anything on or giving it any thought, you’ll get something delivered automatically that perfectly fits you,” Maezawa said at a press conference in Tokyo, donning one of the suits. “We’ll jump into the top 10 global apparel makers.” Shoppers returning clothes bought online because of a poor fit has been one of the biggest frustrations of the retail industry as customers shift their habits to the web.

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John Bruton However, Mr Bruton told BBC News NI that by then “there would be no time left to pick up the pieces.” Mr Bruton, who served as taoiseach between 1994 and 1997, told BBC Radio Ulster’s Inside Politics: “There’s usually a crisis in virtually every negotiation, and this is the most complicated negotiation I have ever had any knowledge of. “If there’s to be a crisis it’s better to have it early, because then you have your crisis, you face your moment of truth, you realise what’s really at stake, you realise that the other side is not going to blink in the way you’d thought they would blink.” The former taoiseach argued that “all sides need time after the crisis to draw the conclusions from the crisis. “So having the crisis in June is probably better than having it in October or December,” he said. “Kicking the can down the road sometimes make sense in politics. I don’t think it makes sense in this case, at this time.” Owen Paterson, the former Northern Ireland secretary, told Inside Politics he believes there are a lot of practical solutions to the problems posed by cross border trade, but he claims there is “a pig headed refusal to look at them in detail”, prompted by the EU. Image caption Owen Paterson, the former Northern Ireland secretary, said there was a “pig headed refusal” – prompted by the EU – to look at solutions Mr Paterson said Brexit has been a “terrible shock to the political establishment in Dublin”. He insisted he worked well with senior Irish politicians, finding them to be highly skilled and competent, when he was Northern Ireland secretary. But he now thinks “there is some sort of blockage” preventing any consideration of technological options. But Mr Bruton rejected criticism from some pro-Brexit politicians that the current Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has adopted a more obstructive role than his predecessor Enda Kenny.


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