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Ramos launched so many social media attacks that retired publisher Tom Marquardt called police in 2013. Altomare disclosed Friday that a detective investigated those concerns, holding a conference call with an attorney for the publishing company, a former correspondent and the paper’s publisher. The police report said the attorney produced a trove of tweets in which Ramos “makes mention of blood in the water, journalist hell, hit man, open season, glad there won’t be murderous rampage, murder career.” The detective, Michael Praley, said in the report that he “did not believe that Mr. Ramos was a threat to employees” at the paper, noting that Ramos hadn’t tried to enter the building and hadn’t sent “direct, threatening correspondence.” “As of this writing the Capital will not pursue any charges,” Praley wrote. “It was described as putting a stick in a beehive which the Capital Newspaper representatives do not wish to do.” Marquardt, the former publisher, said he talked with the newspaper’s attorneys about seeking a restraining order but didn’t because he and others thought it could provoke Ramos into something worse. “We decided to take the course of laying low,” he said Friday. Later, in 2015, Ramos tweeted that he would like to see the paper stop publishing, but “it would be nicer” to see two of its journalists “cease breathing.” Then Ramos “went silent” for more than two years, Marquardt said. “This led us to believe that he had moved on, but for whatever reason, he decided to resurrect his issue with The Capital yesterday,” the former publisher said. “We don’t know why.” The police chief said some new posts went up just before the killings but authorities didn’t know about them until afterward.

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Ahead of speech, Kansas City newspaper urges Trump to listen to veterans

The paper’s editorial board penned an opinion piece  published Monday in which it noted Trump’s penchant for bombastic rhetoric and his lack of military experience. It also pointed to his Sunday night tweet in which he warned Iran that it would face “CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE” if it threatened the U.S. “The president should take this opportunity to do something he’s not known for, and that’s to listen — and we mean really listen — to some of the heroes who will be on hand to hear him. They surely will have something to say to him about the realities of war and the horrors of combat,” the editorial board wrote. “Those insights would be good for Trump to hear now as he continues to rattle his saber at foes around the globe,” the board continued. The Kansas City Star noted that Trump received deferments from military service because of bone spurs, and, like his predecessor, former President Obama, Trump “knows little about the realities of war.” It suggested he speak with a local veteran, Leroy Tyler Jr., who served in Vietnam. “Trump needs to hear those stories, and he can’t hear them often enough,” the Star’s editorial board wrote. “All presidents do, but especially this one.” The president is scheduled to speak to the VFW convention at 12:30 EDT before holding a roundtable with supporters. Trump’s military deferments have often been a magnet for criticism  from Democrats. Despite that, the president frequently praises veterans and speaks highly of the military. He often endorses candidates by describing them as great for veterans.

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courts. A spokeswoman for Dow Jones, which publishes the Journal, said the newspaper did not face any legal action in Venezuela related to that reporting. In June, a tribunal in Caracas ordered El Nacional to pay Cabello the 1 billion bolivars he demanded in 2015 for libel for publishing the ABC story. Due to hyperinflation, that is worth just $300 today but the court said it should be adjusted for price rises. As the central bank has not published inflation data for three years, it is unclear how high the final award might be but according to Cabello it could potentially amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. “I swear to you I will make you pay,” Cabello said on his weekly state TV show in June, referring by name to El Nacional’s owner Miguel Henrique Otero, who recently emigrated to Spain. Cabello showed a mocked-up front page of El Nacional entitled “The Wall Street Furrial”, named after his hometown of El Furrial, fuelling speculation by pro-government legislators that he would seize the newspaper if it could not pay the fine. Asked by Reuters about his plans, Cabello said his lawyer had asked the court to update the fine using the expected 2018 inflation rate the newspaper published in June of 300,000 percent – based on a calculation by Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly. “As El Nacional never lies, the figure should be what they put on their front page,” Cabello said, adding that inflation for the previous two years should also be taken into account. The court said in its ruling it would assign an independent expert to calculate how to update the fine but did not say who that would be. shopping cart trick visit site shopping b&d shopping online at marshalls shopping online benefits my company shopping cart

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