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At the historic downtown L.A. Tower Theatre, Apple plans a store and event space unlike any other

At the historic downtown L.A. Tower Theatre, Apple plans a store and event space unlike any other (Robert Goulrey / Los Angeles Times) “Most people think of our stores as the big glass boxes,” Siegel said, but that is not entirely true. There are a few in restored historic buildings, including a former bank across the street from Paris’ famous opera house and a 19th century warehouse in London’s Covent Garden. A former Carnegie Library built in 1903 in Washington, D.C., is being converted to an Apple store. The Tower Theatre will be “in the upper echelon of what Apple does,” Siegel said. “It very much differs from the other Apple stores you see in L.A.” Apple did not reveal a timeline for completion of the project. Most Apple products are purchased online, so Apple uses its stores to build its brand, tech analyst Daniel Ives noted. The interior of the Tower Theatre, which will be repurposed. (Robert Goulrey / Los Angeles Times) The splashy Los Angeles store may be intended to make a statement to the entertainment industry as Apple gears up to create original content that will compete with Netflix, Amazon and other streaming entertainment providers. “Apple is really going to get into the Hollywood arms race,” said Ives, head of technology research for GBH Insights. “I think this [store] is part of a shot across the bow from Apple saying, ‘Look, we are starting to expand our content and services footprint.’” The Tower building is run-down now, but its pedigree is significant. It was developed by film exhibitor H.L.

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Vallianatos said that even if alterations or a tear-down are technically possible, delays can drive up costs and sink a project. If the gas station was such a treasure, critics asked, why didn’t anyone move to preserve it before someone had set out plans for new apartments? For some, it only added insult to injury that the building was a gas station. “Half of California is on fire because of climate change,” said Victoria Fierce, co-executive director of the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund. “Our planet is literally burning down and you’re proposing a monument to car culture — which got us here in the first place.” Her Bay Area-based group warned the city that enshrining the Silver Lake Texaco Service Station as a historic monument could have “legal consequences,” pointing to a state law that restricts how local governments can turn down housing that meets zoning rules. That law was beefed up by a trio of state measures last year, making it easier for people to challenge such decisions. If a proposed project fits the zoning, “there shouldn’t be these surprises coming out of the woodwork,” said Fierce, whose group has successfully prodded other cities to approve housing. Paavo Monkkonen, a UCLA associate professor of urban planning and public policy, said clashes over historic preservation and development are nothing new, but groups that want cities to build more housing — broadly known as YIMBYs, for “yes in my backyard” — have become increasingly vocal when such disputes arise. In the past, Monkkonen said, “a lot of this stuff happened without anyone questioning it.” Cetrone said she could understand suspicion of the timing of the Silver Lake Texaco Service Station nomination, but that the plan was truly about saving a piece of history. Trudi G. Sandmeier, director of graduate programs in heritage conservation at the USC School of Architecture, said that in many cases, historic nominations come late because “we don’t realize that there’s a threat until the threat is happening.” Part of the goal of the citywide survey that identified the Silver Lake site was to flag possible monuments before they were in jeopardy, but “it’s probably unrealistic to expect that it will eliminate all eleventh-hour nominations,” Bernstein said.

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