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Mystery as huge ‘ANCIENT CREATURE’ washes up on Russian beach (Image: SIBERIAN TIMES) A “smelly” carcass of a “baffling behemoth” was discovered on the Pacific coastline of the Kamchatka peninsula close to the remote village of Pakhachi. The mysterious beast quickly attracted curious residents but no one was able to identify it. It is reported to be longer than three men, and has a tail or a tentacle. The beast is covered in a chalk-coloured hair and has “no definite head or eyes”. WATCH: Mysterious ‘alien creature’ horrifies local beachgoers According to the Siberia Times, the monster was too heavy to be moved by locals. Witness Svetlana Dyadenko posted on social media: “The most interesting thing to me is that the creature is covered with tubular fur. “It does look like fur, but it’s tubular, as if a lot of tiny pipes hang down the carcass. It’s a really strange-looking creature. “We Googled it and couldn’t find anything resembling it. Locals were baffled by the discovery (Image: SIBERIAN TIMES) “I wish scientists could inspect this enigma that ocean threw at us.” Some people on the scene speculated that it belonged to a woolly mammoth who was frozen in the permafrost beneath the sea which melted away during the warm summer and released the extinct animal. However, one marine biologist believes he has put the issue to bed, claiming that it is likely the remains of a washed up whale – or part of one at least.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1003787/russia-news-sea-creature-monster

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